Below you can watch full services from Graceland Church Franklin and also some special event/highlight videos.

5 I 10 I 2020 - Steady Confidence in God

5 I 3 I 2020 - Called To Be Free

4 I 26 I 2020 - God Is My Refuge

4 I 19 I 2020 - The Work of Perseverance (Trials Turn to Gold)

4 I 12 I 2020 - The Promise of the Resurrection (Easter Sunday)

4 I 5 I 2020 - The Faithfulness of God

3 I 29 I 2020 - The Promise of Eternal Life

3 I 22 I 2020 - The Promise of Peace

3 I 15 I 2020 - Seek First (Facebook Live)

*This was our first ever Facebook Live so quality has improved since this recording. Thanks for your patience.


We love celebrating new life with those who have become followers of Jesus! Scripture teaches us that one of the primary ways we celebrate this new life and declare to the world what God has done is through baptism. Here are two of our recent baptisms. If you would like to get baptized, simply email us at the address at the bottom of this page and we'll be in touch with more info.

Family Christmas Recap

Family Christmas 2019

GraceLand Church Franklin

Who We Are and What We Are About

"Yes I Will" at GraceLand Church Franklin

Jaci Velasquez and Nic Gonzales leading "Yes I Will" by Vertical Worship at one of our Sunday Services.

Fall Festival Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Fall Festival! And a big thank you to the team and the community partners who served so beautifully!