Growth Track

The primary path to learn who we are, get connected as part of the family, and become a member. Scroll down to learn more.

Growth Track

Watch/listen to Growth Track Parts 1 and 2 (links below). Then fill out the Growth Track Info Card (link below). If interested in Church Membership, scroll down under the videos to learn more and be sure to mark Membership on the Growth Track Info Card.

Church Membership

Why Membership?

Most of the epistles in the New Testament begin with a greeting to a specific local church. It is clear that part of identifying as a follower of Jesus is identifying with a local church. At GraceLand Church, we call this Membership.

In our context, the word “membership” is not meant to promote the idea of rights and privileges, but rather the idea of service and participation.

GraceLand Church Membership has two primary pre-requisites and expectations:

1. Make a decision to follow Jesus and to be baptized in water.
2. Serve the church family through active participation.

The process to become a GraceLand Church Member has three steps:

1. Watch/listen to Growth Track Parts 1 and 2 (above).
2. Confirm your desire to become a Member using the Growth Track Info Card (link above).
3. Sign and turn in the Membership Commitment Card (available on Sundays at the Welcome Table).

GraceLand Church Members take responsibility for the health and growth of the church. They will also have voice into decisions and ratification responsibilities at our annual State of the Church Business Meeting.