Our Christmas offering strategically advances the mission God has called us to…

Thank you so much for your generosity in last year’s Christmas Offering. It enabled us to develop our GraceLand Kids space for our growing Kids Ministry, helped build the foundation for our new Youth Ministry, and empowered us to provide financial help and counseling resources to many who struggled deeply throughout 2020. We are grateful for you and for the beautiful ministry that happened as a result of your vital partnership.

Even through the ups and downs of this year, God has deepened our faith and expanded our ministry at GraceLand Church. We are thankful for a growing culture of prayer and desperation to call on His name. We are thankful for a growing hunger to know God and His Word, be led by His Spirit, and walk in obedience. We are thankful for the lives that have been transformed by the Gospel this year.

We are thankful for an expanded reach through our new Online Services and Ministries that launched this year. We are thankful for our new Celebrate Recovery, Men’s Ministry, and Women’s Ministry that launched this year. We are thankful to partner with a growing group of missionaries and organizations around the world to join God in His mission. And we are thankful to be a part of what God is doing right here in our own city! He is faithful.

This Year’s Initiative + Matching Goal  

This year, our Christmas Offering is going towards the three initiatives explained below. As you read, remember, God is our provider. May we call on the Lord and trust Him to fund the vision He has given us and to do more than we ask or imagine. Here are the details of the offering:

1. Debt Reduction and House Removal

We believe it is important to aggressively pay off the remaining debt on our building and tear down the dilapidated house on our property as we prepare for our next building project. The remaining debt on our building is currently $234,000. We are thankful for a $40,000 matching gift given specifically towards the debt reduction and house removal. This means that anything we raise up to $40,000 towards those two goals will be doubled. Praise God!

Note from Pastor Nathan: When I first mentioned the matching goal several weeks ago, I said it would go specifically towards an additional facility on our property for ministry expansion. Since then, we’ve discerned that the debt reduction and house removal are the two essential first steps towards the additional facility. This year, in light of the unique opportunity of the matching goal, the majority of the offering will go towards this first initiative. 

2. Benevolence Fund

A portion of our Christmas Offering will also go towards compassion work in our immediate area, especially as it relates to those who are under-served and in need due to extreme circumstances. This offering enables us to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most as we begin a new year. 

3. Expansion Fund

A portion of our Christmas Offering will also go towards upcoming building projects to provide adequate space for our growing ministries. We are thankful for how God is expanding our church family and calling us to trust Him as we respond what He is doing in our midst.

Goal: $50,000

Remember, it’s not about equal giving but equal sacrifice. Every little bit matters!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I give? The Christmas offering will be on Sunday, December 13th and Sunday, December 20th. If you miss those days or can’t give at those times, you can give towards this offering anytime between now and January 10th.

2. How do I give? Write “Christmas Offering” on your check or giving envelope or select “Christmas Offering” in the drop down menu when giving online.

3. Will I receive giving credit for taxes? Yes. If you want credit for 2020, your gift must be given by Dec 31st.

4. Should I detract from my regular giving for this offering? No, this is meant to be above and beyond regular tithes and offerings.

*Thank you in advance for your vital partnership. We could not do what God has called us to do apart from your generosity.